Five Fantastic Facts with Author Helen Chebatte

Thanks for joining us on the blog today Helen!


1. What is the most recent book you’ve had published and can you please tell us a bit about it.

I’m very excited to have made my literary debut with a Young Adult novel called BRO. BRO is about the fatal consequences of a fight club in a racially divided high school. It’s narrated by Romeo Makhlouf, an easy-going, friendly Lebanese-Australian teenager who’s challenged to fight or suffer the effects.

2. What was the first story you remember writing when you were at school and can you tell us what happened in the story?

What an interesting question! Let me see … the first memory that comes to mind is a play I wrote in high school. It was about a shy, quiet girl who falls in love with the toughest, roughest guy at school. I’m guessing I had romance on my mind at the time.

3. What got you interested in writing in the first place?

I’ve always been interested in creative expression. It’s an uncontaminated and honest way of communicating. With writing I can use my imagination to share what’s in my heart.

4. What’s your favourite writing tip and how do you use it in your writing?

I come from an acting background so I often relate things back to my drama training. One of the ways I do this is by saying my character’s dialogue out loud. Sometimes I act out their actions to get a feel for their physical qualities. You can really get to know your characters this way and even discover new things about them and the story. This can also help give direction to a moment, scene or chapter.

5. What’s your favourite fun activity to do besides writing?

Besides reading (which you’ve probably predicted) I love watching movies! I’m a big fan of world movies especially, I love seeing films from other countries. It’s so interesting to learn about other people’s cultures and views and way of life, through story. I also enjoy taking photos – I’m not good at it … not yet anyway, but I love it!

To find out more about Helen and her book you can visit her site.

helen bro

 To find out more about Helen and her book you can visit her site.