Five Fantastic Facts with author Michelle Wanasundera

Welcome Michelle and thanks for joining us on the blog today!

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What is the most recent book you’ve had published and can you please tell us a bit about it?

Bubbles and Puddles  – just published!
The stories were originally written for my daughter. They aim to celebrate the simple things in life, like getting lost in the wonder of nature, finding magic in the moment, with tips to help overcome challenges little ones face.

What was the first story you remember writing when you were at school and can you tell us what happened in the story?

I clearly remember very much enjoying writing a story at school and being excited as we were allowed to sit outside and write in the sun. However I can’t remember what the story was about!

What got you interested in writing in the first place?

I’ve always loved reading so it was a natural progression. But receiving a diary for my 10th birthday really encouraged my love of writing. I also enjoyed writing poems from a young age.

What’s your favourite writing tip and how do you use it in your writing?

For rhyming stories I’ve found it so helpful to count out the beats of each line. This helps so much with the scanning and having consistency throughout the poem, or find weak spots.

What’s your favourite fun activity to do besides writing?

I really love reading, and reading to my daughter, that is fun for us!

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Great chatting with you today Michelle For more about Michelle and her writing go to:

Facebook page to Bubbles and Puddles:


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