Five Fantastic Facts about Author Vacen Taylor

Hi, today we find out five fantastic facts about author Vacen Taylor.



What is the most recent book you’ve had published and can you please tell us a bit about it?

My most recent book is Starchild: The Healing Stone.  This book is the third in a five book series. Essentially, it’s about four children and a small lizard who go on a journey linked to a prophecy to stop the King of Fire from taking over their world.

What was the first story you remember writing when you were at school and can you tell us what happened in the story?

I don’t remember the first story I wrote as a child at school. I was very much an outdoor type of girl. Instead, I pretended (used my imagination) a lot.  So lunchtime was when I really wrote stories but not on paper. In the playground, a few of my friends would go on fantastic pretend adventures.

What got you interested in writing in the first place?

To be truthful, my life feels settled when I’m writing. And now, I write in different forms. I like writing books, plays, screenplays and I’ve had my first poem published this year too. It’s exciting to experiment with stories in different expressive forms.

What’s your favourite writing tip and how do you use it in your writing?

Know the rules of writing but be open to breaking them occasionally. To create something different, something unique, we often have to think outside the box. Most recently my play broke many of the play writing rules because the theme was very much outside the box.

What’s your favourite fun activity to do besides writing?

Hiking is my favourite activity. Spending time in the bush with the birds and creatures is when I’m most happy away from writing.

Thanks for joining us Vacen, I’m a huge nature lover as well.

You can find out everything you need to know about Vacen and her books, here: About Vacen Taylor  Starchild series



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